About me

I have been working as a professional photographer since 1968.
In 2000 I decided to "mind my own" and so I finished taking on commercial jobs or assignments.

I never regretted this decision. Today I feel free and privileged.
I am now making my living by producing and selling limited edition prints and canvases from my studio / gallery.

I was born in Bodø, a small town in northern Norway, where I still livie and have my studio, my gallery and my work facilities. My roots are grounded in this subarctic environment and I feel emotionally connected to the ever changing conditions of the sea, the the landscapes, the weather, the light and seasons, the people and whatever is growing or going on here. And this devotion is what I try to express in my work.

I am often inspired by the work of famous photographers traveling all over the world.
Nevertheless; I don't believe that quality or content of any imagery automatic improves proportionally to the authors distance from home.

I love the photographic medium in all its styles and genres, both the classics and the contemporaries.
I am thrilled of all the wonderful and exiting designs, sights, moods, happenings and impressions just waiting for us to discover as we "tune in" and opens for it.